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About Me

Devin Anne DiChiara was born on November 7th, 1993, the year of the Rooster. She is a Scorpio and is extremely clairvoyant and intuitive in her very imaginative art. From a young age she would be constantly “doodling” about her passion for Dragons. Through her undergrad and graduate years in school she cultivated her style. One of her professors in college even called her the “Whimsical Artist” where she derived her namesake.


Devin’s focus is concentrating on Bright, Bold, and Vivid colors in her abstract canvas using multiple arrays of mix mediums. She wants her audience to be entertained and walk away from her art feeling happy, uplifting and not to be afraid of bringing in some color to their worlds. Her love for books in a myriad of genres fuels this passion, whether it be fantasy, folklore, mythology, or mysteries. These have all been inspirational in the creation of her paintings. 



Since recently graduating with her MFA from New England Arts Institute, Devin feels her style cannot be defined as it is always evolving in eternal flux. Having graduated in 2022, with covid very much present in our lives, Devin has reached out to over 15 libraries in the surrounding towns of Norfolk to display her art, for the entire community to enjoy. When she is not creating on canvas, she is creating on page, writing short stories and poems which have been published in three different books with the Norfolk Quill. She was diagnosed with Autism at age three.

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